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What the hell it's all about…

Are you looking at 60 as the beginning––not the end?

Today at 60 and 60 plus we are active, healthy and adventurous. We're ready for Margaritaville, not Shady Acres!

Join us for videos and posts on lifestyle, health, fitness, travel and fashion. We'll feature our OBAs––"Old Bad Asses!" And we'll do pieces on issues that are unique and important to people at 60 and more like finance, dealing with elderly parents and much more.


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Hell YEAH!

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This is stuff you can use! 

Here you'll find product reviews and recommendations. If we give a product or service a "Hell YEAH!" you can rest assured we've tested it or someone we trust has and we've put our stamp of approval on it.

Some items may have affiliate links that give us revenue. We'll always tell you––and we'll never let that influence our recommendations.

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